Monday, August 23, 2010

June trip to Seattle

In June we were lucky enough to go home for a week and a half for Jannette's graduation and to see Brandon before he left for his mission (don't ask me when they grew up...they're both supposed to be little still). It was wonderful to be home and enjoy such a special time.

Paige love starring out the window on the flight. She was a great trooper and even slept for a little while.
4 generations on the Summerhays side
Paige with Great-Grandma Summerhays
The quality is poor but this is such a sweet picture of my two sweethearts sleeping
Paige, Mom, and I were able to meet up with Mel for a couple of hours before her cruise (so glad we ended up in Seattle at the same time!) BTW...she looks better at 4 months pregnant than I do 4 months past pregnancy (hence I'm not in the picture :P)
Breakfast the morning of Jannette's graduation. That's a cinnamon french toast. Jannette's expression pretty much sums up the food. It was delicious though!
The queen on her royal throne.
Our young musician already hard at work.
Helping Grandma Richards in the kitchen
And unfortunately it appears that Paige loves dogs. Melina and Paige kept checking each other out the whole time but both seemed to like one another and played very well together.
Paige and Grandma Perry
Happy Paige
I think Paige really loved the trees. Anytime we were by a window she would just stare (can't imagine where she got a love of the northwest from :P). Finally Kevin just propped her up on the couch so she could look out on her own. :)
Aunt Nettie and Paige
Goldilocks and the three macs...wait...that's not how it goes. I'll leave it up to you to decide which one is just right!
While we were home she discovered her toes.
Just chillin' and oh so cute. Check out the cheeks on that girl!
Two cuties!
Kevin's first father's day. I think being a dad suits him well, don't you think?
The uncles playing dress up.
Paige with Elder Richards just before leaving for the airport. Somehow I think they'll both be much older the next time we take a picture like this. :)


Emily Young said...

I recognize a Cavalier, even an upside down Cavalier. If you cave, they're a good breed to get! But I'm biased :)

Paige is a cutie! She looks like a little doll still. Cabbage Patch for HAlloween!

Laura said...

Your daughter is adorable. And your brothers are gonna be such heartbreakers! Haha.

I can't believe it's been SO long since I've seen you. And you look great in that breakfast picture -- I don't know what you're talking about!

Melanie said...

I am so glad I got to see you guys. We should meet up randomly more often!

Lisa Michelle said...

Those cheeks!! I need to see you guys again! Sorry I'm so super lame. I'm basically either at work or unconscious. Or sneeking a quick peek at blogs in between so I can pretend like I'm still social. :) Oct 15th can't come soon enough!