Sunday, July 8, 2012

We have a HOUSE!

Well that happened much faster than I anticipated. I kept trying to prepare Kevin that it would probably be a long process and of course we end up buying the first house we went too. Granted, we looked at other homes before we put an offer in but it's not the house's fault we went there first.  :) We're pretty excited about it and are excited we'll be able to get into our home before the baby comes. So without further adieu, I'd like to present our new home (with the model furniture still in it).

The front view

The kitchen

The kitchen and nook

The Family Room

Another view of the Family Room

The Living Room

The Master Bedroom

Another view of the Master Bedroom

The Master Bathroom

Another view of the Master Bathroom

Kevin's office

The Bonus Room

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh a traveling we go

So a little while ago we decided to go here...

and I'm not going to lie, it was fabulous! Getting there of course was an adventure, so buckle your seat belts as we embark on this journey.

Our flight to Hawaii was leaving at 9:30 in the morning. Everything was set and ready to go. We had Paige's bag of bribes (I mean activities) all set and we were on our way. We make it on to the runway and Paige is just staring out the window. And then the pilot comes on the speaker. Apparently something was wrong with the air valve and was preventing the engine from working correctly. (Side note: My first thought was, "Something's wrong with the philange!") I also point out that this happens to be the engine that is right outside my window, so yes, I would very much appreciate if it was working correctly. We taxi back in to the gate where we are told to sit tight and hopefully it will be a quick fix. The pilot comes over the speaker 3 times over the next hour as we sit to let us know each time that "what they just tried didn't work but we have a few more tricks up our sleeve". Eventually they run out of tricks and we are told we need to get off the plane because they need to order a part for the plane. We receive lunch vouchers and are told to come back in a couple of hours and everything should be good to go. So around 1:30 we return only for them to announce that our flight has been delayed until 11:15 that evening. Wonderful! Thank goodness for our many wonderful friends who offered to come pick us up so Paige could get a good nap in her own bed before we needed to head back to the airport. We watched the BYU game (which according to our day I shouldn't have been surprised they lost) and went out to grab a bite to eat (because I very efficiently cleared out my refrigerator of nearly all our food). Then we head back to the airport around 9.

Paige was wired to say the least. She is absolutely fascinated by airplanes, so really, an airport was not the worst place in the world for her to be. We get back on the plane and cross our fingers. As we taxi out again Paige exclaims, "Oh no, again!" My thoughts exactly. :) Thankfully, all the philanges and everything else were in working order and we were on our way. Even better, Paige did sleep for a couple of hours (which we thought would never happen!). And finally we land. But our journey does not end there...

I had called ahead to the rental car company and explained that our plane was delayed. The guy I was speaking to asked for our flight number and says, "No worries. The most important thing is you guys get here." So I figured everything was all good.....nope! At 2 in the morning, everything is dark at the airport. The sign at the car rental station says wait for the shuttle to pick you up. So we go and wait for the shuttle. And slowly everyone else from our plane gets on shuttles to hotels and other rental companies. Kevin goes and asks the crossing guard (yes there was a crossing guard at the airport at 2 in the morning :P) if this rental shuttle would be coming. He assured Kevin it comes all the time. Kevin's thought was "all the 2 in the morning?" So he gets on the phone and gets the call center. The lady on the line informs him there was no message left regarding our rental so I must not have called. And there was no one at the rental place but if we would just wait until 4:30 they could get us all set up. :D Once again we needed to rely on our angel friends. Melanie was so great to come get us at 2:30 in the morning and even more fantastic because she broke into her brother-in-law's car to come get us. :D Now that's what I call hospitality!

The rest of our trip was blissfully uneventful. We spent most of our time on the beach. We spent one day at the Polynesian Cultural Center. And Melanie and I spent A LOT of time catching up. Muchisimas gracias to Kevin and Mel for being so wonderful to us. We loved our time with you guys and you made our trip absolutely fabulous. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Needless to say, we'll be back again someday!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paige's 1 year photos

A week and a half ago we took Paige to get her 1 year pictures done. We were rained out a few weeks ago when we originally had it scheduled and it's been pretty much raining ever since. That day the weather was absolutely perfect. Here are a few of my favorites (you can see more on my Facebook page if you're interested):

Things started off a little shy.

I put the next four up because the sequence is so funny. The photographer kept trying to get her to run towards the camera and this was the closest we ever got. The last picture is her making a hard right to run for freedom. :) Does this girl have a mind of her own or what?

Proof that on occasion she will cuddle with me

This is what happens if you ask Paige if she's cute. :)

I really wish I knew what prompted this expression but it just makes me smile.

She's signing and saying if we didn't already know that. :)

A little wiped out at the end. :)

Like I said there are plenty more on Facebook if you're anything like her parents who just can't get enough of her. What can I say, she has us wrapped around her little fingers.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to Paige!

I'm still not quite sure where this last year went but it has sure been a joyous one! Paige celebrated her 1st birthday two weeks ago and each day keeps getting better and better. We spent the weekend in Sacramento because Kevin's brother was getting married so we had the special treat of having all of Kevin's side of the family celebrate Paige's special day with us. The wedding was on her birthday so we did a little party for her the day before. Everyone eagerly anticipated the classic cake eating but of course Paige always does things on her own time and in her own way. She didn't want anything to do with the cake unless Kevin or I fed it to her. :) As a result, Dad and Mom ended up messier than Paige as you can see below. Here are a few pictures of us with Paige at the temple on her birthday.

The next Monday my mom had a layover in San Jose on her way to see her mom so Paige and I met up with her for a quick lunch.
Paige continually amazes us. She soaks things up like a sponge and each day is full of surprises with all she has learned. And although we never seem to be able to capture it on film, she is such a happy little girl. We love to hear her laugh and she can put a smile on our faces like no one else can. I'm so grateful every day for our little miracle and look forward to all of our wonderful adventures in the year to come.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas 2010

Better late than never.... :)Christmas food EVER!
As one of the kids at church said...."It's Santa's helper!" Cutest helper if I do say so myself. :)
Bryce finally gets to move back in line
Checking out her loot from Santa
Paige and Mom sporting her adorable hat from Aunt Ash
The craziness of Christmas has set in
Daddy helping Paige
The best gift ever! (Paige is thinking "Why wont this come off?")
Snow on my birthday...Paige didn't quite know what to do about it. :)