Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

What....Carli is actually posting something?!?!?! No we haven't died or just escaped from prison. Its called Kevin and Carli don't have cute kids to post pictures about. In the last couple of months its been a lot of working and then coming home and getting ready to work the next day. We've had fun but not really anything blog worthy. I'll have to save our Thanksgiving extravaganza for another day (something to make you want to come back and read more :-P). Today I thought I'd share our very first Christmas tree with you. I spent the last two weeks scoping out a tree worthy to be in our home and after many miles and hours we found it right up the street. That's usually how it works though isn't it. Kevin finally gave in and let me buy the tree before Thanksgiving (thank goodness). Kevin is very adamant about Thanksgiving being its own holiday and not being overshadowed by Christmas (needless to say he hated walking in stores at the beginning of October and hearing Christmas music already :-D). Anyway, no surprise what we were doing Friday when I got home from work. You know you're obsessed with Christmas when you save a few hundred dollars of your wedding money and dedicate it to Christmas decorations. Those cards have been sitting in my wallet for 1 1/2 years. But not anymore. We had a great time picking out decorations for our tree and even more fun setting it up. And don't worry, the Chipmunks were playing in true Richards style. We're still missing the skirt and the tree top but we are enjoying sitting in our front room with the lights off enjoying our beautiful tree.