Friday, November 5, 2010

Paige: 8 months

How is it possible that Paige has been out of me longer than she was in me? I swear, before we know it she will 18. Where does the time go? This last month has been so much fun as Paige is really starting to interact with us more. Her favorite games are peek-a-boo and showing us how big she is. Her "flirt" is back in full force and cuter than ever (see picture below) and she's started giving hugs and kisses (all kisses must be given to mom first...I've trained her right!). She is crawling faster than ever and spends all day cruising the perimeter of the couches and entertainment center...which means walking will be just around the corner. We started feeding her solids this month so she's being exposed to the yucky but oh-so-good for you beans, peas, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, and her favorite (yes that's sarcastic)....avocado! She's talking up a storm with words like mama, gaga, lala, baba, and something like gla-gla (that's the closest I can come to figure out how to spell it). Last night she dropped her sippie cup and we said uh-oh and she started saying it with gusto. :) Still no luck with dada but we're hopeful. She's started her first signing so she now signs milk and more. And boy does she love to read. She's quite the "paige" turner (that's for Kevin and Scott :P). Still no sleeping through the night but at least she lets mom sleep in. And as for teeth, they're still hiding but she's got 6 on their way....4 on top and 2 on least she's efficient. Oh and did I mention she's finally getting hair! She's such a joy and I couldn't picture a better life!

A crawling adventure with daddy

Why not play with the toys in the toy basket?

Baby with an attitude (and yes, she keeps them wasn't just a photo op)

She loves to eat her whale

Looks like a baby cut out for Seattle weather!

Enjoying the ride

This is her "flirt" magnified

Intently watching "Baby signing time". The world could come to an end and she'd have no clue as long as she can sign with Alex and Leah. :) I sure hope her bear is picking up on it too. :P