Saturday, April 3, 2010

More pictures

Just some more pictures of Paige from the last couple of weeks. Can you believe she's already 8 weeks????

Paige is getting better at taking baths....she likes the water's just everything else she hates. :) Tonight, however, she was great when I took her out and even....wait for it....let me put on her lotion!!! Funny enough, she started crying after she was dressed....go figure.

Cuddle time with Daddy!

All ready for church. This is what I call Whitney's dress. This was the dress Ash and I picked out for my parents to bring her home from the hospital in. Isn't she cute? (Don't mind the headband being crooked...she doesn't like dresses so much and hates headbands so we didn't want to jinx her calmness)

Just hanging out (literally!) One night we were having a hard time getting her to settle down and the only way Kevin could calm her down was by holding her out and just letting her legs dangle. Whatever works, right?

Paige after church a couple of weeks ago. This is what I call Ashlee's dress. Nothing too special about it...I just have a picture of Ashlee as a baby in it. BTW....Paige loves to sleep on Daddy's pillow. Definitely a favorite spot in the morning when Mommy isn't ready to get up yet. :P