Tuesday, August 31, 2010

July trip to Bakersfield!

In July, Paige and I joined Mom and Dad and Bryce on their trip to So Cal to see my grandparents. All in all Paige did a great job even if she had just entered her stranger anxiety phase. We sure missed Kevin but enjoyed our time with family.

Paige and Grandpa Tanner at In-N-Out. Paige never quite knew what to make of him. :)
Swimming in Grandpa Richards' pool....classic.

She loved to chew the diving sticks. You'd think she'd give up trying to put the whole thing in her mouth....not my daughter...she's persistent!
Grandpa and Grandma Tanner with Paige
Paige was an early riser and we enjoyed our morning visits when it was just us and Grandpa Richards. She even let Grandpa hold her!
One of the few times Paige didn't need to see me to be content. I should have kept cousins around more often during the trip. :)
Any trip to Bakersfield wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Green Frog!

See, I told you....unfortunately she likes dogs. I'm confident we'll break that awful habit. :P
4 generations on the Richards side.
Paige and I with Grandpa and Grandma Richards. Can you believe they are 93 and 89!?!?!
Paige and I at Newport Beach. It was overcast but we thoroughly enjoyed the crashing waves.
Not the best picture in the world but this was the only way to get Paige's face in the pictures with the waves in the background. She was so fascinated by them.
Sleeping in the car....
...but not for long!
Paige and Bryce...so cute
Thanks again Mom and Dad for letting us tag along!


Jaclyn said...

love the picture of you and Paige on the beach. glad you got to go on a fun trip!

Sam and Ashlee Wilson said...

Looks like you had fun, wish I could have been there with you guys! One of these days I will meet my little niece!