Wednesday, April 16, 2008

School's out... FOREVER!

Huh? Kevin's posting? Well, it's half my blog too, you know!

Yesterday I finished my last class of my last semester of my last year of school. It's crazy to think that I've been going to school for 16 years. But now I'm done! Carli asked me yesterday if it felt "surreal" that I'm never going to be in class ever again. Truthfully, it doesn't. I usually get that feeling of "oh, wow, I can't believe it's happened already", but this time, nada.

I think part of the reason why is related to what my dad said to me on Sunday. When he did his internship before his last year of college, he felt like the entire school year dragged on and had less meaning than it had before, since he knew that he was already competent and capable of going out into the field and working. I feel pretty much the same way, only I had two internships!

Of course, I don't feel like I've wasted my last year here at school. I've really learned a lot, and I think the things I've had to do and work on have helped "mature" my knowledge of various fields in computer science. And I still have the possibility of doing a Master's degree floating in the back of my head, because I've always felt the desire to specialize. Whether or not this becomes a reality depends on many things.

Now, all I have to do is finish my finals and walk (oh yeah, and pack... *sigh* ) and then it's off to (too) sunny California and Apple!

(Can't wait for mom, dad and Jannette to come down!)


Kenealey Family said...

Congrats Bro! Welcome to the real world. It is quite the ride. Love you so much!

Whitney & Allen said...

that's awesome Kevin. I am happy for you. congrats!

Kaylen said...

Congrats Kevin!

kpnurse said...

Happy Birthday Kevin! It snowed like crazy here today! That's a first for your birthday!
Congrats on being done with school. I am so excited to see you fulfilling your dream to work for Apple. (just wish you were in Seattle!).
Can't wait to come see you 'walk' next week!
Love you!