Monday, February 15, 2010

Paige and her new friends

This first one is just because I think she's cute. I know...completely unbiased. :P

These are Susan and Talmage's little guys. They've been so excited to see the baby so they came over a few days after we came home. It was really fun to watch them throughout the pregnancy....they always wanted to feel my belly and Macayden always insisted he could feel her move. :) Jamison would always have to say hello and goodbye specifically to the baby. The last time I saw them before I went into labor Jamison even wanted to give the baby a hug goodbye. Cute boys :) They were both really excited to meet Paige (especially Jamison). Macayden was excited too but more excited to get to play the Wii with Kevin. :P Oh well, boys will be boys. :)


Brandon, Rachelle and Samantha said...

Congratulations you guys! She is darling. Her name is so cute too. I bet you are all in heaven. I'm so happy for you.

Jannette said...

I loooove the first picture... she sorta looks cross-eyed:-) Good job with all the updates!! Keep em coming!

Crazy Ladies said...

She looks so cute I could kiss her! 11 days and that is what I will do.... over and over! We wish we were there now! Thanks for keeping us in the loop with the pictures. Love you guys!

Amy/Austin said...

Paige is so beautiful! She is so little and precious. I love all the pictures!