Sunday, January 31, 2010


So, we're supposedly having a baby sometime soon. Maybe even this week, if the rumors are true.

I figured, since not everyone is going to be able to be here for the big event, that I'd make a way for people to see Baby ________ (sorry no spoilers yet!) live! Through the magic of CCD sensors, H.264 compression, wireless communication, HTTP streaming protocols, and Flash (err... scratch that last one) it'll almost be like you're right there with us! (Please, don't pick up your computer in your arms. The baby won't feel it and you might drop the computer.)

When you get the momentous text message and/or phone call, I'll try to figure out a time (PST) to do a live video feed. At that time, jump over to to see the cutest baby in the world (and maybe a tired dad and a much more tired mom)! If you can't make it live, I'll save the video for later watching. If I REALLY love you, you can probably convince me to do another live stream. ;-)

No guarantees though. The problem with magic is that it just doesn't work sometimes, for any number of reasons.

P.S. The password for Ustream is Paige.


Jaclyn said...

Can't wait to see Baby Perry--

klenaek said...

SOOOOO excited! My kids are excited to have a cute little cousin with lots of dark hair!! Love you guys so much.

The Richards said...

Def written by Kevin with the tech lingo!