Wednesday, August 20, 2008

San Francisco...what a treat!

This last weekend we had a blast. And part of it had to do with why we are dressed this ridiculous. I know without context it looks like we are a couple of nerds who fear for our lives. Well, we are nerds but not because of how we're dressed.

Kevin's mom and sister came to visit this weekend. We love when family comes to visit (even if it takes a week to recover from all of the fun). It was worth it though. Kevin was able to take off a couple of days of work to spend time with them....I on the other hand was not so fortunate. So that meant I missed the beach and some shopping but I suppose someone has to make the money that Kevin spent. :P

Saturday we spent the day in San Francisco. As you can tell from the picture, San Francisco greeted us with some wonderful fog. Unfortunately, it was 90 degrees in San Jose so we dressed for 90 degrees. One of these days we'll learn. The saddest part of all was the fog completely covered the Golden Gate Bridge. I guess that just means Karen and Jannette will have to come again to see it firsthand. Despite the cold and the obstructed view, we had a blast.

We took a segway tour through the city. Let me say, quite the little adventure. As you can imagine, we had plenty to laugh about. I'm happy to report though that all four of us did a decent job. However, I think we were stuck in the handicapped group. 3 of the 10 of us crashed and burned.

The first occurred about 5 minutes into the tour. The poor lady bruised her pride more than anything else. She was unable to continue but convinced her husband to stay on the tour. Personally, I wished she hadn't (you will soon discover why).

Not more than 5 minutes later the guy in front of Karen wiped out. He was messing around and trying to be fancy. He was driving us nuts the entire time. It was probably a mean thing to say but we all thought he deserved it.

Our final wipe out was our favorite. There was a bit of traffic so our tour guide took us up a side street. Now remember, this is San we're talking hills. As long as you keep going you do just fine. Well this wipe out happened to be the husband of the lady who wiped out earlier. He claims his motor gave out but we think he freaked out because of the hill. (It turned on just fine when he stepped on it again.)

So the rest of us are going along just fine and the next thing we know this guy is right in front of us. Jannette with all of her amazing skill was able to avoid him. I, however, was not as fortunate. I thought I had gotten out of his way when he collapses back into my segway. This of course sent me sprawling. It really wasn't that bad of a fall however. A bruised behind and scrapped up elbow is a small price to pay for as much as we were laughing the rest of the afternoon.

We also were caught off by a large tour bus and I had a mini freak out when I couldn't get my segway to slow down going down one of the steeper hills. I'll never again forget to do the potty squat :)

Of course we hit the shopping (which I loved!) and the trolley and the usual sites. It was a real whirl wind of a day but we loved every minute of it. So thank you Karen and Jannette for coming to see us. We love you and hope you'll come again soon...after all you need to have the sourdough and crab. And to the rest of you, see what you're missing out on! :P

OH, and one last note....HAPPY SWEET 16 JANNETTE! I know you wont read this until later but I hope your birthday and party was the best ever. We love you!


klenaek said...

Looks like a blast! I love the segways. I had just seen that Kathy Griffin episode where Woz had his segway polo game. I was cracking up! Love you guys! Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

love it:-)
thanks for the birthday message!

Crazy Ladies said...

Thanks for the great weekend! I have had fun telling the segway stories! So glad we did it.... even if we were in the 'disabled' group! We look forward to coming again, but next time we will bring dad!
Love you guys!

Jaclyn said...

that totally cracks me up that you rode those ______ - forgot what they are called already. I noticed those tours last time I was there - it's a good idea though. You can bypass the moronic slow walking tourists that don't notice that the water is on their right so the city must be on their left! :)