Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Job!

I know everyone has been waiting for an update for a while and I have something great to I accepted an offer! It's been a long process of putting out resumes everyday with no response. Two weeks ago I finally had an interview. While in that interview I received a voicemail from another company that was interested in me. No response for a month and in two days, two responses....go figure. So for the last two weeks I've been interviewing with both companies and weighing out my options. After trying to figure out what would be the best for me, for our situation, and for the future I accepted an offer with Bridge Bank. I'll be going through a training program where the end hope is that I can become a lender. I'll begin as a credit analyst. This will be a great foundation for me. And I'm so excited to actually be using my degree! Oh and I'm so thrilled to not be making Provo wages anymore :) So, if you can't tell....I'm pretty excited.

And yes....we are in our apartment now. Our furniture has finally arrived and the boxes are almost gone. I haven't forgotten about posting pictures, but I have a few more boxes to move out before I unveil our home. Plus, I'm just building the anticipation. :) Kevin and I really love it here and are so grateful that things have turned out so well for us. We have been very blessed and are excited to see what the future brings as having officially entered the adult and real world.


Jaclyn said...

Congrats on the job! My summer is finally here so I can come visit you. Sounds like it will have to be a Saturday since you're now a working woman--

Candace Duce said...

Hooray, congratulations on the job! Can't wait to see pics of the apartment!